4 Child Support Questions Divorcing Parents Are Likely To Have

Are you going through a divorce and have questions about child support? If so, you'll definitely want to know the answer to these concerns that are likely to come up. 

Who Will Pay For Child Support?

When it comes to who pays child support, you can almost always expect it to be the parent that does not have custody or the parent that spends less time with the child. This is because a parent that is with the child more is likely to spend more money on their child, and the other parent needs to pay more to make up for it. Since child support payments are largely based on who has custody, and change in custody would justify a change in child support payments. 

What Is Child Support Designed To Cover?

Child support payments are supposed to cover a child's basic needs, which include things like housing, food, clothes, and medical-related care. However, child support can also pay for education-related expenses and other expenses related to activities that the child is involved in. The financial needs of a child will vary between the specific needs of families, and a judge will ultimately sign off on any child support agreement to verify that it is fair.

Will Child Support Payments Always Remain The Same?

The initial amount set for child support payments can be modified later on. It really depends on what factors would influence a need to change child support payments. For example, a change in a parent's income can result in child support payments being increased or decreased. A change in a child's medical needs can also have an impact on child support payments. In addition, child support payments are also evaluated periodically to ensure that they are accurate.

What Happens If Child Support Payments Are Missed Or Not Used Appropriately? 

Child support payments are made directly from one parent to the other. If a payment is missed then it will need to be documented, and the parent that received child support can take legal action if necessary. A judge may decide to garnish the wages of the parent paying child support if necessary.

Be aware that the parent receiving child support must use the money appropriately as well. Misuse of funds can be reported and legal action taken against the irresponsible parent. The problem is that the misuse of funds needs to be documented, which can be very difficult to do.

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