Why Should You Follow Up Separation With Divorce?

If you and your spouse are planning to get a divorce, chances are you have already separated. Some couples opt to not get a divorce and remain separated. This means they do not get an order from the court to finalize the end of the marriage. Although some people are satisfied with separation only, there are many good reasons to go through with a divorce. The following are some reasons why you may want to consider finalizing the divorce instead of remaining separated:

You Can Legally Divide Your Assets

Some states require couples to remain separated for a period of time before they can get a divorce. During this time, the couple may continue to share certain assets when they do not live together. You may still own a home together and have to pay your portion of the bills that come with the ownership of a home.

You can sign a separation agreement that details your asset division, but not all assets may be included. Some assets cannot be legally divided until you get a divorce.

If you remain separated for longer than the separation period in your state, you should consider moving forward with the divorce so you can finalize asset division.

You Can Finalize Alimony Payments

A divorce means you can finalize alimony payments with the assurance that the payments are now required under penalty of law. When you separate, you may agree on post-separation support that provides payment to one spouse for a period of time. These payments may be higher or lower than the amount of alimony. Alimony payments are largely dependent on how long you have been married. If you were married for many years, the alimony payment may be much larger than post-separation support.

A Divorce Settles Practical Matters

The divorce decree can not only finalize your marriage and list all the final terms but there are also some practical issues that divorce can solve as well. A divorce provides closure to that part of your life and allows you to move forward with your life. Divorce ends the state of limbo you may feel. Once you get a divorce, you can move into a more permanent living situation, have your finances settled, and even pursue another relationship if you prefer.

Remaining separated for a period of time is a good way to begin the dissolution of your marriage, but it is not always ideal to remain separated without finalizing the end of the marriage. Speak to a divorce attorney to help you get the process going so you can move on.

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