Spousal Support: Ways To Support A Needing Spouse

Spouses who depend on their partners for financial support are often left in dire straits after a divorce. It doesn't have to be that way, however. Spousal support can be requested and ordered any time a party can show a need, so read on to learn more about the three ways that spousal support is available.

Temporary Spousal Support

You don't have to be divorced to need spousal support. If you and your spouse no longer live together, you can ask the judge to order temporary spousal support. This form of financial help bridges the gap between your separation and the final divorce decree. If the support order is working well and both parties agree, the temporary order can be folded into the final divorce agreement and become permanent.

Rehabilitative Spousal Support

This is the most common form of financial support for divorcing spouses. As the name suggests, it is meant to help the spouse that needs it to become financially independent. Often, one spouse opts to stay home with the children, thereby giving up career opportunities. Rehabilitative spousal support allows that spouse to update their education, get job training, and pursue any number of other goals that will help them attain a certain level of income. This form of support lasts until the stated goal is accomplished.

Permanent Spousal Support

Less often ordered or needed, this form of spousal support is directed mostly at those who are older or have physical or mental illnesses or impairments. If the spouse cannot work, the judge may order that the support be permanent. Even permanent support has an expiration date, however. If the spouse remarries, the support will probably end.

What Else To Know About Spousal Support

  1. In all of the above, the support can be paid by various means and at various intervals. For example, the support can be paid using stocks and bonds, it can be paid using a lump sum, it can be paid in monthly installments, etc.
  2. The chances for a spouse to be awarded support depends upon the income of the providing party. The goal is to reduce the chances for a spouse to have a reduction in their standard of living due to the divorce.
  3. While no-fault divorces are available in every state, some states still offer parties the option to site grounds or fault when filing for divorce. Where available, fault can have an effect on the potential for the needing party to be awarded support.

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