Dealing With A Contentious Divorce? Tips To Help You Dial Down The Contention

If you're in the middle of a contentious divorce, you've got your work cut out for you. Dealing with contention during a divorce can make the process that much more stressful. Unfortunately, there's nothing you can do to control your spouse's behavior. However, there are things you can do to protect yourself from being a part of the contention.

Take a Break from Social Media

If you're dealing with a contentious divorce, you want to avoid giving your spouse – and their attorneys – anything to use against you. Unfortunately, using your social media pages may provide just what they need to make your life miserable, even if you make your page private. One problem is that you have no way of knowing if anyone on your social media pages are sharing your page with your spouse. To avoid the contention, take a break from social media until the divorce is settled. This is particularly important if you have minor children. You don't want your spouse to use your social media page against you during custody hearings. If you do find that information from your private social media pages is being shared with your spouse, you'll need to reduce the size of your social circle. One way to do that is to delete anyone who has a shared connection with your spouse.

Practice Good Communication Skills

During a contentious divorce, you may reach the end of your rope. When you do, you still need to practice good communication skills. Avoid saying anything that you'll regret later. One way to monitor the things you say is to limit communication to emails and letters. That way, you have documentation of the things that you're saying, as well as the things that your spouse is saying. This is particularly beneficial when your spouse has taken a contentious tone in communications with you.

Use Your Attorney as a Go-Between

If things are starting to go from contentious to hostile, it's time to get the attorneys involved. The best way to do that is to have your attorney act as a go-between by insisting that all communication proceed through legal channels. Taking that action will ensure that all communication goes between the attorneys. If your spouse wants to speak to you, it will have to be through your attorney.

A contentious divorce can leave you feeling emotionally drained. Not only that, but they can turn hostile quite quickly. If you're dealing with a contentious divorce, use the tips provided here to keep things from escalating. For more information and tips, contact local divorce lawyers

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