3 Options To Consider When Your Ex Isn't Paying Their Support Payments

Dealing with an ex who isn't paying their child or spousal support payments can be exceedingly frustrating, especially if you need that money to provide for you and your children's essential needs. Here are just a few options to consider when your ex isn't paying their support payments.

Make An Appointment With A Family Lawyer

The most common option to consider when you have an ex who isn't paying their support payments is to make an appointment with a family lawyer. A family lawyer is very familiar when it comes to dealing with individuals who are not living up to their obligations after a divorce has been finalized, which is why hiring one can often be one of the most efficient and effective ways of getting your support payments. In many cases, a family lawyer is not only able to request that a judge actually allows for your ex's wages to be garnished so that you receive your support payments, but they can also negotiate a larger amount of support if you need it.

Speak With The Appropriate Government Agency

Another good option to consider when your ex isn't paying their support payments is to speak with the appropriate government agency. This is often one of the best resources if you are on a bit of a tighter budget, as they will attempt to collect and force your ex to give you your spousal payments free of charge. Pretty much every state out there has one of these agencies that are willing to assist you, but you need to temper your expectations a little bit as they usually have a lot of work to do, so it can often take quite some time for them to actually collect your owed support payments.

Work With A Private Agency

Finally, if you don't want to wait for a government agency to actually collect the owed support payments, you can always work with a private agency. While this option is going to cost you a bit of money, they are very effective at tracking down exes who may have skipped town to avoid paying child support payments, and they are quite effective and efficient when it comes to getting you your support payments in a timely manner.

Don't put off getting help if your ex isn't paying their support payments when there are so many options available to help you. Making an appointment with the family lawyer, speaking with the appropriate government agency, and working with a private agency are all effective ways to get your ex to pay their support payments.

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