Ways A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Get Your Bail Reduced At A Bail Reduction Hearing

Many places use bail tables to help them equally set bond for those who have been charged with a crime. A bail table states how much bail is based on the crime and how many past convictions a person has. However, if you cannot afford the bail amount that is given to you, you can ask for a bail reduction hearing. A criminal defense attorney can help you at this hearing, possibly getting your bail reduced so you can remain free until your case comes to a close. Here are a few of the ways that a criminal defense attorney can work to get your bail reduced at a bail reduction hearing. 

Proving You Have Ties to the Community

One of the reasons why a judge may not lower your bail amount is because they feel you may be a flight risk. If you have recently moved to the area, have run from criminal charges in the past, or are an immigrant, a judge may view you as a risk. A criminal defense attorney will want to prove that you have ties to the community that reduce the likelihood of you fleeing. Maybe you work in a field that thrives in your area, yet has lower employment rates elsewhere. Perhaps you have a wife and child who live in the community. Or maybe your spouse has ties to the community that, in turn, strengthen your reasons for being here. 

Showing You Are Not a Threat to Society

Another reason why a judge may not reduce your bail amount is because they feel you are a threat to society. If you were charged with a violent crime, a defense attorney may bring up elements of your personality that show your good side. This may include volunteer work, church participation, or a strong work history. An attorney wants to show that you are a real person who is contributing to society in a positive way, not the threat to society that being charged with the crime may imply you are.  

Negotiating the Terms of Your Release

Lastly, a criminal defense attorney may be able to get a bail reduction for you by negotiating the terms of your release. In some cases, no matter what a criminal defense attorney shows, the judge may still be wary of you being a flight risk or being out of jail. Turning in your passport, agreeing to wear an ankle monitoring device, or agreeing to routine drug tests while you are on bond may help give the judge the reassurance he or she needs to lower your bail.

There are many elements that a judge looks at when deciding whether or not to lower your bail amount at a bail reduction hearing. A criminal defense attorney knows what these elements are, allowing them to work to negate them or disprove them so you can get a lower bond amount and be free, pending the outcome of your trial. Talk with an attorney like those at Lowry Law Firm for more information.

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