Why Do You Need A Divorce Lawyer If You Don't Own A Home?

Many reasons why people get divorce lawyers when their marriage ends is because they have assets in common and both parties want to make things fair. Assets include homes and vehicles, with houses being some of the most tricky causes for messy divorces.

If you don't have a home or other major assets to negotiate ownership of during your divorce, should you still invest in a divorce lawyer? The answer is you likely should, and here are a few reasons why.

You never know what can hold your divorce up

Unless you and your spouse have nothing to argue over when it comes to divorce, you never know what might come up and cause you to go to court. Your spouse may suddenly feel they are entitled to their fair share of rent back, or they may want the family dog. You never know what could come up and make your divorce costly or take forever to close, so hire a divorce lawyer or have one assigned to you, just in case.

You might have other assets worth protecting

You don't own a home together, but you might have an RV, timeshare, art collection, or another valuable asset that you haven't decided who gets what about yet, and a divorce lawyer can be your mediator to help settle a case before it becomes hectic.

Financial assets count, too. Do you have a separate bank account, retirement account, coin collection, or other assets the other party might feel entitled to? Or does the other party have a financial asset in their name you feel should be partly yours? Without a divorce lawyer, everything you've built up in your marriage is at risk, and you can walk away without your fair share of what's yours.

You might have hangups that hold up the divorce

Any hangup can halt or stall a divorce, including the other party changing their mind about the divorce or wanting to modify the divorce order before it goes to the judge. If you want to get divorced quickly and don't have any major assets to divide, a divorce lawyer will help you get things moving quickly so you can finalize this legal part of your life and move on.

Your divorce lawyer will go over your divorce and any requests you or the other party has before moving the divorce documents over to a judge. With luck, a divorce lawyer can help expedite your divorce proceedings.

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